So summer is on it's way.  As a mum you've probably been organised and booked your summer holiday already and now you're dreading what you might look like in shorts and vest tops, or worse still a bikini or swimsuit?  

We've all had that 'eeeeeeek!' moment but don't panic, there's still time for you to lose weight, tone up and feel great before the summer.

Don't use having a baby and feeling tired as excuses to avoid exercise.  I know from experience that it's easy to say "I don't feel lik...

It's coming up to that time of year again when commercialism takes over and we go all out for a spook-tacular Halloween.  We plan parties, decorate our houses, allow our children to dress up and go 'trick or treating' and of course there's the inevitable pumpkin carving!

Here are some ideas you could try out this year:

1.  Pumpkin planning.

Let's face it, pumpkin carving isn't particularly child-friendly so why not let your children design their pumpkin faces on paper and allow an adult to transfer t...

Recently I've been diving deeper into the sea of mummy bloggers out there and I've been amazed by the quality of what I've found.  Who knew mums were so talented?  Blogs have taken off in a big way over the last few years and now you can find a mummy blogger for any point of view or topic you care to read about.

It's fantastic to be able to have such a huge variety to choose from, the trouble is finding them and sorting the wheat from the chaff.  It takes a lot of time and that's actually the...

18 Aug 2016

Don't use having a baby and feeling tired as excuses to avoid exercise.  I know from experience that it's easy to say "I don't feel like it" or "baby is a bit unsettled today" or "I can lose weight once baby is a bit older" or "I can get away with my mummy lumps and bumps this year".  You just need to put the right importance on yourself and your workouts.  The benefits of antenatal and postnatal exercise are well documented and are in fact recommended.

Sometimes being toned and slimmer i...

3 May 2016

Want help with losing weight for the summer? You can help yourself by just being a little more active each day.


Instead of just sitting and watching tv why not try marching on the spot, lunges, squats, arm dips on the edge of the sofa, knee raises, pulling your tummy in, holding a good posture, bicep curls, triceps kicks, calf raises, plank, press ups, tummy crunches.... there are so many exercises you can do in a relatively small space whilst still watching tv!  


Even if you only do som...

OK.  So we all know that mums spend hours standing in baby's bedroom cuddling and rocking baby to sleep.  We've all been there in the middle of the night doing the side to side foot shuffle and pacing the floor.  Did you know though that most of you will have adopted a bad posture by pushing out your tummy or hip to rest baby on?  We all do it and don't even notice it.  How often do you think about your posture and what affect it might be having on your back, hips and tummy?...

Sleep... the age old controversial issue and point of obsession of parents and society in general. Frequently one of the first questions asked by family friends and even strangers…. ‘Is he sleeping through the night yet?’ It’s like the gold standard, the badge of our success as mothers resulting in a societal unrecognised pressure to achieve perhaps the unachievable. So, is it realistic to expect our babies to sleep through the night? What does sleeping through the night look like and most importa...

My number 2 #lovebomb is BELIEVE.


If you believe you can - you're right.


If you believe you can't - you're also right.


What you BELIEVE, is what you get.


This #lovebomb means BELIEVE in you and who you are. It means believe that you're important. That your life and the gifts that are yours alone have purpose and place in this world.


That you're matter that uniquely matters!


It also means CHOOSE what you believe.


Be deliberate about it.


Do your beliefs make your life better?

Do they make the world b...

One of the biggest challenges for parent and teachers today is that children are not independent enough and find it hard to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviours and ‘problem solve’ everyday issues on their own.


Therefore, the belief is that the most important goal for any parent today should be to raise independent and self-reliant young people who are generally better equipped to do well both academically and socially.


But, independence is not something that your children can...


Getting fit used to be a simple choice between do it yourself, follow a video or go to a gym.  Now there’s a whole new world of virtual reality out there and the fitness industry is no exception.  We all know about sports and fitness training through the various gaming platforms, phone apps, online videos and of course YouTube.  Some gyms are even starting to run virtual classes where they have a virtual (video) instructor so they can open 24/7 and allow night owls to attend classes at 3am in the...

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