5 Jul 2015

I have just discovered these and I love them already.


The trolley bags come as a set of four coloured bags that are attached using Velcro. They fit the width of the trolley and allow you to put them on and slide them open. They can then be pulled apart when you wish to put them in the car.

They are made from a very strong material and are huge! They held loads of shopping and made life so much easier. The bags can be long for a deep trolley or made shorter for the shallow ones making them perfect f...

29 Jun 2015

We’ve just got back from our trip to Florida and I have to say I was dreading the flight for many reasons.


We had flown with A when she was nearly a year and again to Florida when she was 18 months but for some reason 7 months and 3 years was a more terrifying prospect.

I packed endless snacks for A to keep her at bay and I also applied a ban to normal rules whilst on the plane. The last thing I wanted was to disturb the rest of the plane with a screaming toddler. Thankfully she was an angel. Getti...

12 May 2015



A portable DVD player!

The key to this in my opinion is that it is on the headrest so that the child can look forward and not down. It’s important that they do not spend lots of time looking down when in the car as it can cause travel sickness. 

With our portable player we have two screens. At the moment I hold the main screen and can change the DVD for A while she is watching. When G is able to have it on her headrest too we will then have to change when we stop but I would still be able to reac...

7 May 2015

Here is my list of essential things I feel all new parents should have for their little one. I’m not talking nappies and changing mats, but things that help with and beyond the immediate day to day events.


1. Video/sensor monitor- have a look at the review I have posted for the Angelcare version. Can peace of mind have a price tag?


2. A Playmat- there are many versions around to choose from ranging quite widely in price. My advice is make sure it has some music and lights to give something for bab...

2 May 2015

I recently discovered these books and fell in love immediately.


Penwizard have given children the opportunity to be in a book with Peppa. There are a variety of stories to choose, from swimming pool and playgroups to birthday and Christmas, there is something for everyone.


We actually purchased one for A for her third birthday. She absolutely loved it. All the stories follow the typical format for the stories that feature in the television show and books but with the added element of adding a pers...

21 Apr 2015

I recently found this company online and thought the shoes had some great features. A is quite hard to buy shoes for as she has a very high instep which makes finding good fitting shoes quite tricky.


Firstly I feel I should mention that these shoes came from the states. The delivery was 5 days. I was very impressed with the service.


The shoes themselves have some great unique features. 
1. Transparent soles- these allow for you to see when they no longer fit without having to press on the child’s...

3 Mar 2015

I am a convert to this product as I had previously used the temperature gauge on our monitor but after a very cold few nights I decided to get one of these.


It is a lovely night light for the soon. Our little G has hers up on her wardrobe and it gives off a lovely glow. Not offensive at all.


I have found that it measures the temperature of the room at 2'c less than our monitor so I feel it is more accurate and now I feel comfortable that our little one is sleeping in the correct temperature. Her r...

21 Feb 2015

In my opinion this product is one of the best my husband and I bought. It has several functions that monitor the baby’s breathing.


There are 5 sensitivity settings that you can adjust depending on how mobile your baby is and you are able to chose whether to have constant sound or use the monitor to only pick up sound when baby cries.


The swinging pendulum shows you that your baby is breathing but you can also chose to have a ticking sound if you wish. If baby stops breathing (or holds his or her b...

9 Feb 2015

Located in Chertsey, surrey Hopscotch Play is a lovely little soft play for the under 5’s.


Open Monday-Thursday 9.30-2, Hopscotch has a delightful atmosphere. As you can see from the pictures there is a bouncy castle and many toys for little ones to play with. There are also a couple of comfy chairs and a great little corner for young ones. G had her first visit when she was just 6 days old.


The ladies that run it are lovely and make some delicious food. There are also snacks that can be purchased...

6 Feb 2015


I have both of these loveable nighttime buddies and am hard pressed to choose between the two.

They are both equally priced so there is no real competition there. Both are also readily available from a wide variety of retailers.

Ewan is ultra cute and very cuddly. He has a light that glows from inside his chest which also has an added off switch if you choose not to use this function. Each of his four paws activate a different sound. My personal favourite and my daughter G’s favourite is the music....

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