21 Feb 2015

In my opinion this product is one of the best my husband and I bought. It has several functions that monitor the baby’s breathing.


There are 5 sensitivity settings that you can adjust depending on how mobile your baby is and you are able to chose whether to have constant sound or use the monitor to only pick up sound when baby cries.


The swinging pendulum shows you that your baby is breathing but you can also chose to have a ticking sound if you wish. If baby stops breathing (or holds his or her b...

9 Feb 2015

Located in Chertsey, surrey Hopscotch Play is a lovely little soft play for the under 5’s.


Open Monday-Thursday 9.30-2, Hopscotch has a delightful atmosphere. As you can see from the pictures there is a bouncy castle and many toys for little ones to play with. There are also a couple of comfy chairs and a great little corner for young ones. G had her first visit when she was just 6 days old.


The ladies that run it are lovely and make some delicious food. There are also snacks that can be purchased...

8 Feb 2015

A safe alternative to bumpers.


When I was pregnant with A I bought a beautiful Winnie the Pooh set for her cot. It had gorgeous bumpers on it. And it looked amazing up until the day we put her in her own room. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and make it potentially dangerous for her. So off they came. For a few nights she was fine and then the arms started to go through the bars and again I worried she’d get hurt.



Then I found these. An Airwrap was the answer to our problem. It comes in bot...

6 Feb 2015


I have both of these loveable nighttime buddies and am hard pressed to choose between the two.

They are both equally priced so there is no real competition there. Both are also readily available from a wide variety of retailers.

Ewan is ultra cute and very cuddly. He has a light that glows from inside his chest which also has an added off switch if you choose not to use this function. Each of his four paws activate a different sound. My personal favourite and my daughter G’s favourite is the music....

6 Feb 2015


When A was little I had a bath support for her which she liked occasionally. Most of the time she wanted to be bathed with someone else. This seemed fine for a while but I did wonder what to do when she grew too big for that and wanted to play with toys.


I searched around and found this wonderful seat. I loved it and more importantly so did she!


From a safety point of view it has suckers on the bottom to secure it to the bath and the back is high enough to support little ones once they can sit up...

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