21 Apr 2015

I recently found this company online and thought the shoes had some great features. A is quite hard to buy shoes for as she has a very high instep which makes finding good fitting shoes quite tricky.


Firstly I feel I should mention that these shoes came from the states. The delivery was 5 days. I was very impressed with the service.


The shoes themselves have some great unique features. 
1. Transparent soles- these allow for you to see when they no longer fit without having to press on the child’s...


The forecasters have predicted a heatwave over the next 3 months.  Yippee!  That's great if you like the heat but what if you're heavily pregnant or have a young baby to look after?  Not so great then huh?





Here are a few tips to help you stay as cool as possible:



Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes such as cotton or linen.

Sit in a well ventilated room or have a fan on if you can.

Suck ice cubes.

Drink plenty of fluids.

If you have to go out, cover up and wear a hat to avoid sun burn...

You can get away with looking like you scoffed the entire baby shower cake and all of the pies whilst you're pregnant (and let's face it, you probably have with all those crazy cravings!) but 6 months after giving birth you don't really want people to think that you're still pregnant and eating for two.  Having a "fuller figure" and feeling unfit doesn't do your self-confidence any favours and it certainly doesn't make things easy for your already stressed body.


Lots of women choose to avoid...

Today’s guest blog is from Busylizzy member Tara Wavre – Mummy to Beth (12 months). Busylizzy asked her to try and put down in words what it was like in those first few months of becoming a mother.


Becoming a Mum is a huge, life changing thing. Whilst you’re pregnant you’ll hear every mother’s opinion on what life has been like for them, but the truth is it will be different for everyone, because everyone and every baby is different. So I thought rather than tell you how magical, emotional, hard,...

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