Getting fit used to be a simple choice between do it yourself, follow a video or go to a gym.  Now there’s a whole new world of virtual reality out there and the fitness industry is no exception.  We all know about sports and fitness training through the various gaming platforms, phone apps, online videos and of course YouTube.  Some gyms are even starting to run virtual classes where they have a virtual (video) instructor so they can open 24/7 and allow night owls to attend classes at 3am in the...


I'm a  mum on a mission.  My mission is to get all mums out there to be more active.  I want us all to be healthy and happy!  So, I've decided to set you all a challenge...

The Fit-tastic Feb Challenge.  

29 days of being more active.  It's completely free to join and you get to do what you want, as long as you are more active.  Sounds easy?  Well, why not sign up and join my group so we can all achieve it together?


Join the group


Back at the beginning of December 2015 I was feeling a bit run down and bloated so decided to do a detox/cleanse to perk myself back up again.  I opted for the Forever Living Clean 9 programme which is based on the cleansing properties of Aloe Vera.


I must admit I was a little sceptical at first, but a couple of days in I could really start to notice a difference.  The aloe gel is certainly an acquired taste but I found adding a drop of cordial helped me swallow it every morning.  By the end I was...

I've written another guest post for the The Hersham Hub about setting realistic fitness goals and New Year's resolutions.  Take a look!





I have recently tried some of the Arbonne sports related health products to see how they help with exercise performance and recovery.  Do they really make a difference?  Here's what I think.

Phytosport - prepare and endure

This contains arginine and citrulline, as well as B vitamins and vitamin E, which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and help reduce tiredness and fatigue.  It also contans cayenne, ginseng and tumeric to support enegry, physical capacity and performa...

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