Ladies Indoor Fitness Sessions - Sway
11.00am - 12.00pm
at The Church Rooms, Church Road, Sway
(parking in The Village Centre car park
in Station Road, SO41 6BA)
£8 per session, payable termly in advance

These one hour sessions take place indoors at The Church Rooms in Sway and include a cardiovascular workout, core strengthening exercises and general mobility and toning exercises. 


Classes include workouts with various equipment including skipping ropes, agility ladder, balls and resistance bands as well as giving you a physical and mental challenge with a BATTLE ROPE!  An innovative way to work your whole body and melt fat fast!

Sessions are suitable for any ladies, whether you are a mum or not!  If you are pregnant or just had a baby, please check with your GP first.

You can also bring a baby/toddler along to these classes with you so they can socialise too!

Please check with a medical professional that it is advisable for you to exercise, especially if you have any medical conditions.  If you are pregnant, it is perferable that you provide a letter from your GP stating that you can exercise.


Please complete a Health Screening Form in advance of your first session and bring it with you

or email it back to

You need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, a supportive bra and appropriate trainers.


Bring a bottle of water so you can stay hydrated and an old towel, blanket or mat to lie/sit/kneel on for some exercises.


Layers are better for the outdoors sessions so you can adjust your temperature. Please wrap baby warmly during the winter too as they are not moving around to keep warm!


If you are bringing your baby along, please provide the necessary items for them, such as nappies, bags, wipes, milk, toys, etc.  They will need to be strapped into a car seat or pram for the duration of the lession.  Babies are brought along entirely at your own risk and you are fully responsible for them.


If you are pregnant it is preferable for you to provide a letter from your GP stating that you are able to exercise.

For more information about any classes please fill in the contact form or email



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