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These classes are very informal and a fun way to exercise.  They are also a great opportunity to meet other mums-to-be or new mums.  


Below are some answers to questions you may have.  If you would like any more information please don't hesitate to contact us.


Is it safe?  I'm worried about exercising whilst I'm pregnant.


These classes are run by a fully quilified instructor who specialises in pregnancy and postnatal exercise.  The sessions are carefully planned to provide a safe workout for you and you always work to your own comfort level.


Exercising whilst you are pregnant has also been shown to help with some of the symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, back problems and postural alignment.


Please check with your GP or midwife before you begin exercising, especially if you have any known medical conditions. 
Where possible you will need to provide a letter from your GP stating that you are fit to exercise.  If you are not able to obtain a letter, please sign the disclaimer on the health screening form.


Can I still exercise if I have a medical condition?


You should check with your GP or midwife first, but generally you can.  The exercises can be tailored to meet your specific needs to ensure they are safe for you.  Please advise the instructor of any medical conditions before starting the class.


What do I need to wear or bring to the class?
Wear comfortable, loose fitting, warm clothes that are easy to move in, a comfortable supportive bra and suitable trainers.  Dress appropriately for the weather and remember that lots of layers are better so you can take a layer off or add it back if necessary.  Gloves are useful in the winter too!  Bring a bottle of water to sip throughout the session.


I don't have anyone to look after my baby.  Can I bring her to the classes?


Of course you can!  You can bring any baby or well-behaved young toddler along to any of the indoor or outdoor sessions as long as they are securely strapped into a car seat or pram.


For outdoors classes you can push them in the pram and they can enjoy the walk with you!  Make sure they are securely strapped in and that the pram is in good working order.


Please note that you bring your baby/toddler along entirely at your own risk.  It is your responsibility to ensure their safety and look after them for the duration of the class.


I'm breastfeeding.  Is it OK for me to exercise?


Yes it is perfectly OK for you to exercise.  You should eat around 150 calories more on the days you exercise to replenish the energy you use and ensure you drink plenty of clear fluids.  Exercising does not affect the quality or quantity of milk.


You should feed your baby or express shortly before a class to make exercising more comfortable for you.


How do I enrol and pay for classes?


You can enrol using the form on the site.  Simply complete the information and submit it.  You will also need to download and complete a Health Screening Form in advance of attending your first class.  You will also need to pay for a term in advance to guarantee you place.  Sessions are £7 each so for example 6 sessions would be £42.  Payment may be made by transfer, cash or cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to 'Mrs D Lucas'. 


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