Bath time safety

February 6, 2015


When A was little I had a bath support for her which she liked occasionally. Most of the time she wanted to be bathed with someone else. This seemed fine for a while but I did won

der what to do when she grew too big for that and wanted to play with toys.


I searched around and found this wonderful seat. I loved it and more importantly so did she!


From a safety point of view it has suckers on the bottom to secure it to the bath and the back is high enough to support little ones once they can sit up unaided (recommended for the 6-12 month age range).


A loved it as she could swivel around and therefore have a little more freedom in the bath and was able to sit up, splash and enjoy the toys. It have her a range of movement to reach and play more easily.


The Safety First Swivel Seat is a must have for those parents wanting a step between the bath support and their child sitting unaided in the bath. Fun for everyone!



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