Ewan the Dream Sheep Vs Slumber Bear

February 6, 2015


I have both of these loveable nighttime buddies and am hard pressed to choose between the two.

They are both equally priced so there is no real competition there. Both are also readily available from a wide variety of retailers.


Ewan is ultra cute and very cuddly. He has a light that glows from inside his chest which also has an added off switch if you choose not to use this function. Each of his four paws activate a different sound. My personal favourite and my daughter G’s favourite is the music. Each night I lay her down press on the music and light and leave her to it. By the end of the song she is fast asleep until the morning. She’s 15 weeks old. Ewan has made sleeping in our house bliss.


The Slumber bear is also very cute and comes in two styles and three colours. You can go for the laying down version (as pictured- The Slumber Bear Plus) or the original Slumber Bear that is in a sitting position. Again there are a variety of sounds including an option to record your own voice. Something I may add we have never done. The sound box in the Slumber Bear also has a motion and sound sensor that can pick up on any movement or sound from your little one and start playing again. A slight issue with this is possibly this may startle them if he or she were just turning over or wriggling in their sleep. For the child that isn’t as good at self settling this may well be a godsend. The Slumber Bear, however, does not come with a nightlight function.


All in all both are great products and I think it boils down to what kind of sleeper your child is. For the moment, in our house, Ewan just pips the Slumber Bear to the post although this may all change if G suddenly stops being able to self settle.


Round one goes to Ewan!



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