The Angelcare video monitor with sensor mat

February 21, 2015


In my opinion this product is one of the best my husband and I bought. It has several functions that monitor the baby’s breathing.


There are 5 sensitivity settings that you can adjust depending on how mobile your baby is and you are able to chose whether to have constant sound or use the monitor to only pick up sound when baby cries.


The swinging pendulum shows you that your baby is breathing but you can also chose to have a ticking sound if you wish. If baby stops breathing (or holds his or her breath like our A liked to do) the alarm issues a warning after 10 seconds. This sound goes off in baby’s room to and shocks them into breathing again. If they still do not stir the full alarm goes off. Now this is very loud but worth it. It gives you the time to get to your little one and help them.


The video is good quality and has night vision settings for bed or nap times.


All in all a brilliant product that has given our family such peace of mind. We used it with A until she moved into her big girl bed at age 2 and a half and are using it with G now and it’s still going strong.



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