Travelling with Toddlers - Tip 1

May 12, 2015



A portable DVD player!

The key to this in my opinion is that it is on the headrest so that the child can look forward and not down. It’s important that they do not spend lots of time looking down when in the car as it can cause travel sickness. 

With our portable player we have two screens. At the moment I hold the main screen and can change the DVD for A while she is watching. When G is able to have it on her headrest too we will then have to change when we stop but I would still be able to reach the controls so it would not cause any further trouble.


Whilst I am not advocating hours and hours of television if you are anything like us we actually watch very little once we get there. Take this weekend for example. A watched the DVD player on our journey to the Isle of Wight but she didn’t touch it after that until we went home. It means she was able to be entertained while we navigated with the sat nav.


More fun tips to come on other things you can do in the car with a little one.



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