Flying with little ones

June 29, 2015

We’ve just got back from our trip to Florida and I have to say I was dreading the flight for many reasons.


We had flown with A when she was nearly a year and again to Florida when she was 18 months but for some reason 7 months and 3 years was a more terrifying prospect.

I packed endless snacks for A to keep her at bay and I also applied a ban to normal rules whilst on the plane. The last thing I wanted was to disturb the rest of the plane with a screaming toddler. Thankfully she was an angel. Getting her to sleep was tricky as she just wanted to watch the TV but eventually she dropped off. Needless to say she didn’t eat hardly any of the snacks.


G was also an angel. I made sure that she had her dummy or a bottle for take off and landing to help with her ears and just let her sleep whenever she wanted. The crew were great at giving water to heat up the bottles we had and as we had a bulk head seats they also gave us a chair for her to sit in. It was ve



ry helpful to give us a break for holding her and for her from being held all the time.


Security was much less of a fuss than I thought too with regard to baby milk. They let me take cooled pre-made bottles in a cool bag with freezer packs in it. (It is worth checking the security at the airport you travel from though just in case.) In our case both Gatwick and Orlando allowed milk and cool bags in addition to pouches of food. Sizes didn’t matter as baby food is excluded.


My only recommendation for security with toddlers is to ask if they can go through with an adult. A wasn’t keen going on her own and was scared. Thankfully she was allowed to hold my Mum’s hands while she walked through. We also had a bit of an issue with her favourite stuffed animal going through the X-Ray machine. Next time I would distract her and just have another people with me pop it on last when she wasn’t looking. Hindsight is always a great thing though. 

All in all a successful trip that fills me with confidence for the future.



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