Don't feel sluggish this summer

July 6, 2015


Don't let the heat leave you feeling lethargic this summer.  Keep yourself active and boost your energy levels with some gentle exercise.  You don't have to go to classes or the gym!  Get your family moving with you.


Take some time to get outside with your family for some fresh air and a run around.  If you have a baby or young child you can go for a nice walk with them in the pram but don't forget to let them get out and have a crawl around too.


Toddlers love playing with water and bubbles so get a bowl of water and some plastic cups out in the garden for them to throw around.  You don't have to have a pa

ddling pool to have fun with water.  (Do remember to supervise your toddler with the water at all times!)  Or, let them chase you around the garden as you blow some bubbles. You could even create a mini assault course to do with them.


If you have an older child, why not play some lively games with them such as football, badminton, tennis, even just catch and throw a ball or frisbee?  You could go for a nature trail walk and tick off what you find on a list.  You could even get them to help with some of the gardening!


Have a look and see if there are any family fun days, fetes, charity events in your local area that you could all go along to as well.  They are often more fun than you might think.


A little effort will give you no end of fun with your family and your kids will love the fact that you have spent some quality time together doing something they enjoy.  Plus you get the benefit of boosting your feel good hormones and energy levels as well as burning off some calories at the same time!  That sounds like a win/win to me!


Debbie Lucas

Mum plus One

Fit for birth, fit for baby




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