#LovebombYourLife #1 Own It #2 Believe

My number one #lovebomb is OWN IT.



This is the 'singularity' of #lovebombs - the origin point for an awesome and amazing life. It's a simple idea. And made up of just two very small words. But like the singularity at the heart of the big bang, these words have the power to explode and expand your world like no others.


When I say OWN IT - I am referring to your life, to your choices, to your thoughts, to your feelings, to your reactions, to your inactions.


I am referring to everything that you do or don't do, think or don't think, feel or don't feel, say or don't say, give or don't give, take or don't take, love or don't love.


I am referring to EVERYTHING that is your life.


When you OWN IT, you accept that it is YOUR life and that everything in it, or not in it, is the result of your choices (or lack of choosing) and your action (or lack of action.)


It also accepting that you are FREE. Free to choose, free to do, free to be, free to have, ANYTHING you want.


There is no-one that you need to get permission from. Apart from yourself. When I was 18 years old I was living in a damp apartment, managing a fried chicken franchise, when I got the news that I had failed all my exams. It wasn't a surprise. I hadn't really made much effort.


I went to see my dad to tell him the news. I was expecting him to be furious with me ... and I was ready for the fight.


But when I told him, he didn't react as I expected. He just leant back in his chair and said "Now what're you going to do?”


And in that moment, I realised, fully, for the first time, that it was MY life and that I, and I alone, was responsible for what happened in it. And I'd made a mess of it. And I was the only one who could sort the mess out.


From that day to this, I have lived very deliberately. Listening to my heart, following it, navigating by my joy, and being ever more me. In times when I've been scared, I've taken a deep breath and done it anyway because the idea of regret was even scarier.


It's been far from perfect and I've lost my way quite a few times. And stumbled and fallen a good many times too. But I've never doubted that I was in charge. I have, since that day with my dad, known with absolute certainty that it was my life and I could laugh if I wanted to, I could do anything I wanted to.


Again and again and again I have done the work, whatever's been needed, to get where and what I wanted.


And over the years, that's made me powerful. And strong. And happy.


It's your life and you can laugh if you want to. You can do anything if you want to.


Start by claiming your life as your own.




It's yours.


No-one else's.


BIG love






My number 2 #lovebomb is BELIEVE.


If you believe you can - you're right.


If you believe you can't - you're also right.


What you BELIEVE, is what you get.


This #lovebomb means BELIEVE in you and who you are. It means believe that you're important. That your life and the gifts that are yours alone have purpose and place in this world.


That you're matter that uniquely matters!


It also means CHOOSE what you believe.


Be deliberate about it.


Do your beliefs make your life better?

Do they make the world brighter?

Do they help you to share love and to be loving?

Do they help you achieve your dreams?

Do they help you to be happy?


If not, change them.


Dump the old life-limiting, self-limiting beliefs and choose some new gorgeous, wonder- filled things to believe.


Choose to believe the best about yourself and others - not just those closest to you but all 7 billion fellow travellers.


Choose to believe in magic and miracles; in love and the power it has to make anything happen, and anything feel better; in people and their essential goodness; in life and the incredible wonder of all living things.


Choose well because …


Seeing sometimes leads to believing.


But believing, always leads to seeing.


BIG love




My name is Susie Maguire and I am the founder of #lovebombyourlife an organisation dedicated to helping you #bemoreyou. In every newsletter, I’ll be sharing two of my favourite #lovebombs - which are small nuggets of love to help you live your best, brightest and more YOU life. I’d love to hear from you via my website or for you to join the conversation over at Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram and you can check out all the events I’m offering on my Meet-up group.

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