Here comes summer...

So summer is on it's way.  As a mum you've probably been organised and booked your summer holiday already and now you're dreading what you might look like in shorts and vest tops, or worse still a bikini or swimsuit?  


We've all had that 'eeeeeeek!' moment but don't panic, there's still time for you to lose weight, tone up and feel great before the summer.


Don't use having a baby and feeling tired as excuses to avoid exercise.  I know from experience that it's easy to say "I don't feel like it" or "baby is a bit unsettled today" or "I can lose weight once baby is a bit older" or "I can get away with my mummy lumps and bumps this year".  You just need to put the right importance on yourself and your workouts.  It's not all about being fit.


Set a realistic goal that works for you.


Sometimes being toned and slimmer isn't the right goal to set which is why many mums fail to exercise regularly.  


Most people forget, or don't realise, that there are many other benefits from exercising and one or more of those could be your goal. 



Working out is about more than just physical fitness.


Have you considered that it can also boost your mood by releasing all of those happy endorphins, increase your metabolism so you burn more calories, improve your energy levels, give you a mental escape and challenge, relieve stress, provide a sense of achievement and well-being and give you chance to focus on yourself for once?   It's important for mums to find time for themselves, after all, you can't pour tea from an empty tea pot!  It's not just you that benefits either.  You may also find that your baby, children, partner, friends and family will notice that you're happier and more lively too!


But how can I fit exercise into my busy life?


There are lots of ways to workout around your family or other commitments so there's almost certainly something out there to suit you.  If you start something now you can still tone up and lose weight so you'll feel amazing and look good for the summer months.


If you'd like to find out more about what I offer at Mum plus One please feel free to take a look at or follow me at  I'm based in the New Forest for classes, private group training or 1-2-1's but also offer UK-wide virtual fitness training. 



I'm also currently studying to teach under 5's physical activity so you and your little ones can workout out together!  Watch out for the launch of Titchy Fit in the coming weeks!  You can follow me for updates at or


There really is something out there for everyone!  Don't be shy, get in touch and ask for details.   The sooner we get you started the better your results will be by the summer!

You don't have to be pregnant or a new mum to sign up to Mum Plus One.  If you had your children a few years ago and would like to get back in shape these sessions are perfect for you too.


Email to let me know what you'd like to know more about and I'll send you all of the details so you can decide what works best for you.



I look forward to working with you!


Debbie x

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