Have you tried the Forever Living Clean 9 programme? I have!

Back at the beginning of December 2015 I was feeling a bit run down and bloated so decided to do a detox/cleanse to perk myself back up again.  I opted for the Forever Living Clean 9 programme which is based on the cleansing properties of Aloe Vera.


I must admit I was a little sceptical at first, but a couple of days in I could really start to notice a difference.  The aloe gel is certainly an acquired taste but I found adding a drop of cordial helped me swallow it every morning.  By the end I was fine with it on its own, for some reason your taste buds get used to it so you don't really taste it at all.  The tablets are fine, even for someone like me who normally has trouble swallowing large tablets.  The other part of the cleanse is to have healthy shakes instead of meals.  The shakes are quite tasty on their own and you can also add fruit to make them even nicer!  You then get a calorie controlled meal to satisfy your hunger (recipes included in the booklet).  That said, you can eat loads of different fruits and veggies to stave off any hunger pangs through the day as well so it doesn't feel like a starvation diet.


I was lucky I didn't suffer from any headaches or nausea during the 9 days, it was just a matter of getting used to feeling a bit peckish all the time and trying not to focus on it.  I have to admit I actually enjoyed not eating junk!  It was good to taste fresh, healthy foods for what they are rather than have them covered in sauces.  I also found that after the C9 had finished, I didn't really want those processed types of foods as they tasted greasy and salty.  I felt much better for drinking more water every day too.


The other brilliant thing about doing the C9 was to kick-start me back into some more cardio exercise.  I enjoyed running on the treadmill and trying to beat my target every day. 


This cleanse for me was always about feeling better rather than trying to lose weight so I was very pleased when I got to the end of the 9 days and took my measurements, I had lost 4lbs and 5cm off my stomach.  Result!  Of course, that was never going to last over Christmas and the New Year but at least I felt great and gave myself a boost before over-indulging again for a couple of weeks.


Since New Year I've been eating reasonably healthily and exercising a little and have managed to drop my weight back down to pre-Christmas.  Now I need to push on through the Spring with good eating habits and more exercise so I can achieve my goal of returning to my pre=baby weight of 5 years ago!


If you're looking for a cleanse programme to help you feel less bloated and blurgh, then this could be what you need.  As I mentioned, I was sceptical but I ended up feeling really good about myself so it was well worth it.






Debbie Lucas

Mum plus One


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