Fit-tastic Feb Challenge!


I'm a  mum on a mission.  My mission is to get all mums out there to be more active.  I want us all to be healthy and happy!  So, I've decided to set you all a challenge...


The Fit-tastic Feb Challenge.  

29 days of being more active.  It's completely free to join and you get to do what you want, as long as you are more active.  Sounds easy?  Well, why not sign up and join my group so we can all achieve it together?


Join the group


I'll post fitness tips, exercises to try, motivational words, ask questions, ask for feedback and comments and help you wherever I can.  You can post your goals, progress reports, photos, ideas, comments and chat with the other members of the group.


If you don't know what to do to be more active simply contact me and I can give you some ideas or even write you a personal virtual exercise plan to follow for a small fee.  (In case you were wondering I am level 3 qualified in pre/postnatal exercise, a fitness instructor and exercise to music instructor).


Let's all support each other to get fitter and have some fun!!  Join in now and help me succeed in my mission.


Debbie Lucas

Mum plus One





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