Handy Halloween hints

September 28, 2017

It's coming up to that time of year again when commercialism takes over and we go all out for a spook-tacular Halloween.  We plan parties, decorate our houses, allow our children to dress up and go 'trick or treating' and of course there's the inevitable pumpkin carving!


Here are some ideas you could try out this year:


1.  Pumpkin planning.


Let's face it, pumpkin carving isn't particularly child-friendly so why not let your children design their pumpkin faces on paper and allow an adult to transfer the image onto the pumpkin?  That way everyone is involved.  Remember, you can use battery powered flickering tea lights instead of real candles to make it safer too.


Oh, and you know all that left over gloop you have once you've finished scooping out your amazingly scary pumpkin?  What do you do with it?  Bin it?  Well, why don't you try these lovely recipes I found instead?  


Pumpkin Soup



Sausage, pumpkin and sage casserole  http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/sausagepumpkinandsag_92737


2.  It's Trick or Treat, not Trick or Sweet!


Children love to go from house to house collecting sweets and showing off their loot to their friends, however, as a mum, are you really happy about your child eating their way through a huge mountain of sugary sweet stuff?  Not only is it bad for their health and their teeth but you have to deal with the sugar-rush, mood swings and constant demands for 'just one more - pleeeeaaasse?!'


Why not think about speaking to your neighbours and asking if they could offer something else instead?  Its's so easy these days to get your hands on small party-bag filler gifts why not agree amongst yourselves to give those out instead of sweets?


The kids will have more fun if they are getting different things as well.  They could end up with bubbles, crayons, stickers, stretchy monsters, Dracula teeth, wind up clacking teeth, eye patches, transfer tattoos, flappy bats and so much more!


3.  Make to decorate.


Why not allow your kids to be creative and come up with their own Halloween decorations?  There aren't many children that don't love to use their imaginations to make monsters out of loo rolls, kitchen foil, tissue paper, pipe cleaners and whatever else you have lying around.


Start collecting up your recycling bits and bobs now so you have a good supply for them to use by the end of the month.  Apart from making sure you have some glue and/or sticky tape you don't need to buy anything else unless you want to.  Give them a big bag or box of stuff and let them get on with it!  If you have younger children this is a lovely way to spend some time together but make sure you let your child lead the ideas rather than you do everything for them.


Doing it this way means your children have fun, can develop skills, have an input into Halloween and gain a massive sense of achievement when they see all of their hard work on display.


4.  Have a ghoulish gathering.


If you're having a party make sure you do something for the kids and the adults.  Often it is either one or the other but this is a time of year for families to engage and enjoy themselves together.


We're all capable of playing silly games so give some a go!  There are some good ideas here to get you started.  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g2618/halloween-games/?slide=1


Whatever, you decide to do, make sure it's safe for your family and friends.


I hope you have a pumpkin smashing time and enjoy lots of fun times!


Let me know what you doooooooooo......




Debbie Lucas

The Mum E-mag

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Handy Halloween hints

September 28, 2017

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